High-quality measuring and testing equipment for the power industry

Raytech measures up to your high standards!

We develop and produce high-quality measuring and testing equipment for the international power industry.

Well known companies rely on our products which are developed, manufactured and tested at the main office Raytech Switzerland.

Welcome to the world of Raytech.


Raytech CAPO new firmware is now ready to download

Raytech Capo-12 and Capo-2.5 new firmware contains major enhancements is available to download


CT-T1 new user manual is ready to download

CT-T1 new user manual v1.3 is ready to download.


Measurement made easy

Since 1995 Raytech, an independent and high-tech company located in Switzerland, produces high quality instrumentation and test systems for the international power industry. 1996 Raytech USA was founded. This was an important step to support the sales and services throughout North and South America. All devices that have been sold are still in daily use worldwide. This is also the merit of the people at Raytech, who have a creative potential, which reflects in the products offered. Our goal is to provide our customers with robust test and measurement equipment that is reliable and easy to use.

Our products

The product line covers a wide range of devices for testing various electrical parameters. This includes single and multi-phase transformer winding resistance and turns ratio instruments, high current resistance test sets, automated transformer test systems and control software.

High Quality

The design, development, production and final inspection is performed at the Switzerland facility which guarantees the consistency of high quality products. Raytech attaches great importance to an extensive customer support.