Raytech CAPO new firmware is now ready to download

The firmware version for capacitance & tan delta Power Factor Meter family is now ready for download. You can always download the latest firmware of any Raytech instrument from the Raytech website downloads page.
In this new firmware, some new options and new test features are provided. These updates are briefly listed and explained below:

Voltage sweep

Voltage sweep is now possible to perform automatically. This feature is actually can be used as high voltage tip up test which is a good feature for diagnosing of various high voltage assets such as transformers, electrical machines and insulators. The measured dissipation factor values can be presenting as a table or as a plot.
Normally, when an insulation system is in a healthy condition, the measured dissipation factor is almost remain constant at various test voltages, so a flat line is expected. In contrast, when the insulation system is not healthy, the dissipation factor may be increased at higher voltages (more high voltage stress, more loss and probable partial discharges), so an ascending line is expected.

Frequency sweep

Frequency sweep is also now possible to perform automatically. The measured dissipation factor values would be presenting as a table or as a plot.
The plot can be used for better diagnosing and provide more information as it is like DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response) test (also called FDS= Frequency Dielectric Spectroscopy) but in a limited frequency range between 10-400Hz.
A reference diagram of the same test object is very helpful for the future diagnosing. So, It is recommended to measure the test object using this option, and store it as reference. When comparing the new measured plot with the reference, you can use IEEE C57.152-2013 standard (Figure G.5), to decide and understand what is the probable reason of a shift in the plot.

High voltage excitation current

CAPO users can now perform single-phase high voltage excitation current with both CAPO 2.5 and CAPO 12 according to IEEE C57.152. Many transformers failures such as winding shorted turns and major defects in the magnetic core can be located. The higher voltage for excitation current test can find some failures which is not possible to be detected with low voltages, because high voltage stress may cause the dielectric breakdown of weak or contaminated points.

Other features and modifications

Users can now make a list of measurements to make a test plan. This can help to save time and to have a defined plan for the test.
Also, there are other nontechnical features and modification such as pictures to visualize the modes which we recommend using them.

Raytech always welcome suggestions for new feathers and enhancements. If you have any suggestion or upgrade request, please do not hesitate to contact us.