Introducing the mini-ATOS

A Powerful Transformer Laboratory in a Compact Box

Transformer testing has never been so easy! Just connect the test cables, tap some buttons on the screen, and professional transformer testing is ready to go:


  • Built-in Fully Automatic Multiplexer

  • Winding Resistance Measurements, Dual Power Supply

  • Turns Ratio, Excitation Current and Phase Displacement Measurements

  • Transformer Winding Connection and Vector Group Detection

  • Demagnetization With the Raytech SPP (Smart Pattern Predictor) Method

  • Core Magnetic Balance Measurement

  • DRM (Dynamic Resistance Measurement)

  • FRSL (Frequency Response of Stray Losses)

  • Tap Changer Motor Current Measurement

The Raytech mini-ATOS, is a powerful multifunction power transformer and substation diagnostic system. With a one-time cable connection setup, perform many routine and advanced tests precisely. 

Raytech believes transformer testing does not have to be complicated. For this reason, we develop our interfaces and software in an easy, understandable, and user-friendly manner. After performing the test, you get a comprehensive test report with the results summarized and depicted in easy-to-understand tables and graphs.

The mini-ATOS is in a portable, rugged case which is perfect for use anywhere, including on-site or in a laboratory. It is specially designed for fast and easy measurements with the well-known high precision and quality of all Raytech instruments. For more information, please visit the mini-ATOS product page.